Application of [IAOS]Oscarm

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Application of [IAOS]Oscarm

Post  Oscarm on Sat Jan 04, 2014 11:15 pm

- What is your exact name in the server? [IAOS]Oscarm
- How old are you? 17 years old.
- How long have you been playing SA:MP? 3 years.
- How long have you been playing in the FAT server? 3 weeks (For years he played at server but for personal reasons I had to leave.)
- Why do you want to become an admin in the server? I really like this server, Paso quite active also I would like to make better server in which everyone can enjoy without hackers.
- What is the maximum amount of health that a player can possibly have in the server? 99.
- Are tanks (rhino) and fighter jets (hydra) ever allowed to be used in the server? /war 1.
- Describe what happens to your vehicle if you are in one of the stunt areas (airports) in the server? Is automatically repaired.
- Have you ever used cheats in SA:MP? No.
- Have you ever been banned from the FAT server for any reason? No.

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