[ACCEPTED] Admin app by Wanted

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[ACCEPTED] Admin app by Wanted

Post  [FAT]Wanted on Sun Jan 12, 2014 2:30 pm

- What is your exact name in the server? Wanted
- How old are you? I have 15 years old
- How long have you been playing SA:MP? 2 years
- How long have you been playing in the FAT server? Hmm... 5-6 month
- Why do you want to become an admin in the server? Cuz i love this server, and i'd like to help you make it better, as i can. I saw, that active admins is [FAT]TERROR and [FAT]EvilNightRider, and i think i can help, cuz i'm active too. Sometimes, when no admins, server is full of hackers, and abusers, ect... and nobody can't do something....
- What is the maximum amount of health that a player can possibly have in the server? 99 hp, and 200 hp with shield.
- Are tanks (rhino) and fighter jets (hydra) ever allowed to be used in the server? /war1
- Describe what happens to your vehicle if you are in one of the stunt areas (airports) in the server? Car will change colour, and it will be repaired. You can't destroy any car there...
- Have you ever used cheats in SA:MP? Never
- Have you ever been banned from the FAT server for any reason? Never


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Re: [ACCEPTED] Admin app by Wanted

Post  [FAT]Speed[IAOS] on Tue Jan 14, 2014 7:42 pm

Accepted. Welcome to Admin team.

Reason: Player is a old one... Helped me DOSENS of times to handle some situations. Active and dedicated to the server.

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