The future of this server and my activity

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The future of this server and my activity

Post  [FAT]Commander on Sun Feb 02, 2014 3:52 am

Oh yeah, it's been almost 2 years since i retired from FAT clan and i decided to return, here, I explain my reasons why i left and why i returned. Maybe many of you will just don't care about this, but i really want to explain my reasons.

Reasons why i left
My personal life was really awful, i just got involved into a lot of troubles that slowly intoxicated my mind, by this, i took many wrong decisions that later, i faced the repercussions from it.

FAT was barely going down every time and i started loosing my motivation to keep scripting and playing in this server.

From all of this, i had a little talk with klab that just made me think that FAT will no longer survive, with this thought, i just left the clan and the server with a "i dont care". later, having troubles again.

Reasons why i'm back
Even though this is just an online videogame, i just can't quit it, i have alot of friends in SA-MP and a whole virtual life to keep, klab, FAT, my buddies, they're just part of my life, my second family, and after LOT of time i finally realized myself how wrong i was in the past, and for that, i deeply apologize.

I changed alot, i experienced alot of things, i finally know what social life is, what real love is, what real family and what real dedication and real work is. Of course, i did alot of mistakes that dragged me into the debts of hell itself (philosophically). but after all the time, i found myself and i know what to do and who i am.

I want my life normal as it was once, i want the old times back and i will do anything to achieve it, i will dedicate my most of the time to FAT server and will make it grow along with klab and FAT members.

Oh yeah, quittin' a bit from drama. Klab, forgive me for my childish and foolish behaviour, i now realize i was just a fool lost in myself, but as i said above, i found myself, and if you allow me to, i will do whatever i can and whatever you need for you, and this server, i will improve it as long as i can with all of my energies, we'll have these old times, i promise it, thanks buddy.

See ya in the server familia!!!  Very Happy 


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Re: The future of this server and my activity

Post  shon7 on Tue Feb 04, 2014 8:38 pm

Very Happy

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Re: The future of this server and my activity

Post  [FAT]Speed[IAOS] on Wed Feb 05, 2014 3:27 pm

Very, very, very nice news to hear !

Kenneth, my friend, welcome back !

So, when you back, we have to start something. We got to turn the FAT BACK!

Speed wrote message that he is back, but in fact he is inactive. Why ? Because I can't just play here. I came to make server alive first. To do that, I need people! I need active admins. Kenneth, we need to make FAT Like it used to be, and put it back in the place where it belongs.

FAT Was a gigant server, a megapolis, to express that way, until Klab became inactive, and server finally shut down.
The Shutdown of the server made it forgot by many usual player, and the server lost it's reputation!

Let's start to do something !

P.S. I lost my level on account [FAT]Speed, so If someone can return me It, I would appretiate (LVL5)

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Re: The future of this server and my activity

Post  [FAT]TERROR[IAOS] on Fri Feb 07, 2014 12:34 pm

Speed the only one who can Promote you is Klab because now there's A 6th level! And 5 level is only mapper level.....!

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Re: The future of this server and my activity

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