Forum is attacked once again by 2.191 hackers.

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Forum is attacked once again by 2.191 hackers.

Post  [FAT]Speed[IAOS] on Mon Jul 14, 2014 3:23 pm

As you were able to see, at least until i deleted the posts, server is again attacked by 2.191. hackers (I call them like that because their IP address begin with 2.191. ) They are spamming this forum for almost a year, leaded with a fucking nub called (mohhamad_alikhani). I ban them everyday, but from today another rule is coming up on this forum, in order to stop these motherfuckers.

1. Beside this post, I wanna say to all 2.191 hacker(s) that I wish them a good day, and that I fuck up their children, their grandchildren, parents, and grandparents Smile

2. From today, admin confirmation will be required for every one who wants to register here, and no GUEST posts will be allowed.


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